Temple St Clair, November 1st!

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of previewing the newest collection from fine jeweler Temple St Clair. As we get ready for our public Temple St Clair show coming up on November 1, we wanted to share some information about this exquisite collection!

The Silk Road Collection was created to celebrate travel and the connectivity of cultures. Temple herself loves traveling, seeking to continually learn about various different cultures. The Silk Road has been an area that has interested her for years. She’s travelled to Kashmir in northern India, Turkey as well a China. It was her trip to the remote town of Dunhuang in China that really inspired her to create this collection. This collection represents the art, architecture and religion that can be seen along the Silk Road.

Temple uses a vibrant array of gemstones, emblematic of the colorful silks that were traded along the Silk Road. We see tanzanites, rubies, tourmalines, spessartite garnets, tsavorite and many more colorful gemstones. The gold she uses has a rich color, with beautiful spirals and shapes that represent symbols that were seen in many pieces of art from the road.


18K Oasis Earrings

While there are some architectural components from the Silk Road seen throughout many of her pieces, Temple’s pieces that showcase a literal representation of the architecture are some of our favs. Check out this bold Pagoda ring, how cool!


We love her 18K Thousand Buddha Bracelet which showcases a pattern of mini Buddha statues, dotted with sparkling diamonds. Buddhist monks used the Silk Road in order to spread their religion.


18K Thousand Buddha Bracelet

We hope that you come out to take a look at this magical collection! This is just a taste of a few of many special pieces in this collection. With dreams of travel and culture, there is a little something for everyone in Temple St Clair’s newest collection, The Silk Road.

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